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Patrica Norcia  - Riding with Chi

Patricia Norcia

Dressage trainer and instructor, Patricia Norcia, owns and operates Idlenot Farm in Connecticut. Trained in Spain and the United States, Patricia is certified by the British Horse Society and the American Riding Instructors’ Association. She trains and instructs in the French classical style; and, while she works with horses of any breed, her passion is for the Iberian horse, the Andalusian and the Lusitano.

Patricia is also an accomplished actress and stage director. An acting graduate of the Yale School of Drama, she was introduced to tai chi as part of the required curriculum. She has performed on and off Broadway, in television, and in films. She has also taught breathing and spinal alignment classes at Yale, Columbia, and Rutgers Universities.

Originally from Rome, Italy, Patricia’s love for the horse, dance, and theater has created a diverse career that has allowed her to travel extensively. Closer to her Connecticut home, Patricia has performed with the company Dancing with Horses, an exhibition group that combines modern dancers on the ground with horses, either ridden or at liberty. She also recently created and choreographed her own Idlenot Quadrille that has performed at various events throughout New England.

You can contact Patricia by email at:


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