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David Ritchie  - Riding with Chi

David Ritchie

David has practiced martial arts since 1969 and tai chi since 1973. He trained in the United States and also at the well-known Huangs School of Tai Chi in Sabah, East Malaysia. David has operated his own school, Central Connecticut Tai Chi Ch’uan, since 1989. In addition to tai chi, he teaches pushing hands and a variety of sword routines. Over the years David has taught many athletes, both professional and amateur, the benefits of learning tai chi to advance their individual performance. Tai chi produces results along two distinct paths, one physical and the other emotional. Being able to perform physically is enhanced by an ability to maintain a mind-body connection. To master any sport you must obtain both.

In 2007 David began working with several equestrians and discovered that tai chi not only improved each rider’s position in the saddle and his/her ability to focus, but it also enhanced the rider’s communication with their horse.

The ability of tai chi to benefit both horse and rider inspired David to explore the connection further with Patricia and Mark. The fact that only a basic understanding of tai chi and its exercises is necessary to dramatically change the horse and rider relationship led to the production of Riding with Chi.

For more information about David you can visit his website at:

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