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Video on Demand

Advanced Equine Studies partners with to serve our customers who may want to view programs online line for a low rental fee. Vimeo also allows you to buy a video download to your computer. The links below take you to the Vimeo site where you can watch trailers, decide if you want to rent or download, and then checkout through Vimeo.

Watch the entire Riding with Chi program online for $9.95 (watch for one week)
or download the video file for $21.95.

Riding with CHI

The Horse's Respiratory System

Watch individual chapters of The Horse’s
Respiratory System program online
for $3.95 (watch for one week)
or download each video file for $7.95.

Saddle Fit for Horse and Rider

Watch chapter 3 from the Advanced Equine Studies
DVD Saddle Fit for Horse and Rider program for $1.99
(watch for 2 days).
Dr. Wade Tenney of the Cummings School of
Veterinary Medicine at Tufts University gives an
informative 25 minute discussion on the skeletal and
muscular anatomy of the back – as it pertains to
supporting the saddle and rider, giving insight into
better interpretation of how the horse responds or
reacts to the saddle.