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Griegg/Eastwood Mystery Series

Novels by A Wilson Steele

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American Alana Eastwood is researching her family tree. Knowing your roots documents your place in history. Remarkably, Alana traces her Eastwood lineage to an African child, living at Wortley Hall Manor on England’s 1801 census. The boy is known as Otobong. 


Alana believes Otobong to be her earliest traceable ancestor and plans to visit her distant relatives still living in Nottingham. Discovering he was connected to a homicide in 1835 sets Alana on a mission to prove his innocence. 


Then the body of a man turns up on a beach in Mississippi, eerily close to where Alana’s father was born. When the police identify the corpse as her estranged cousin, Sigmund Griegg suspects foul play and gets involved. 


Otobong’s Gift takes readers on a whirlwind journey to uncover Alana’s family tree and the secrets it holds. From an Arabian stallion shipwrecked off Africa in 1798, to a mysterious death at a posh English estate in 1835, to the Renahta Plantation as President Lincoln signs the Emancipation Proclamation, the international intrigue surrounding Alana’s pedigree does not disappoint. 


The sleuthing team you’ve come to love knows murder never gets old…motives like revenge, greed, and passion are timeless. As Alana untangles the matters engulfing her family for generations, she comes to appreciate just how much family matters. 

Advance Praise for Otobong's Gift

What makes history such a good storytelling medium is its synchronicity: When the storytelling is done right, yesterday and today carry us away on a fine mysterious journey. Never has Steele’s writing been more Zen, in every sense of the word, or more in command of her characters than in Otobong’s Gift. Fine horses? Check. Fine art? Check. Add the irresistible allure of Finding Your Roots research–and Steele presenting what she has learned with a deft and respectful touch–and the result indeed is a gift.” 

—L.A. Sokolowski, New York-based award-winning journalist 


“I am hooked on the Griegg/Eastwood Mysteries. Steele’s vivid descriptions, attention to detail, and a highly honed skill to develop characters and set scenes are again on display in Otobong’s Gift. Combining the twists and turns of a murder investigation, with the intricacies of tracing Alana’s family history, kept me glued to the pages. I am looking forward to Book Four!”—Sally L. Feuerberg, Public liaison/Feature Writer. 

ISBN #979-8-218-22464-6 

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This is a 6” x 9” softcover edition printed in USA - $15.95 

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