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Online Seminars

Advanced Equine Studies partners with to host and share our video programming worldwide. Beginning in August of  2023, we are sharing our local clinic experiences with riders far and wide.

You do not need a Vimeo account to take part in our seminars. Simply click on the links below to watch the seminar trailer. If you decide to purchase the full seminar, you will be able to stream the program for one week as  many times as you like. This allows you to practice what the program teaches until you can do the exercises on your own.

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Seminar #1 Breathe Your Way to Better Riding - Part One. (One hour-fifteen minute runtime).

This seminar is $9.95 to stream as many times as you like for one week.

The stresses of adult life combined with injuries over the years changes our breathing as we age. Therefore, just being told to breathe or relax while you’re in the saddle does little to improve your riding unless you have the tools to maintain the correct core breathing and release bodily tension before you enter the stables.

Not every riding instructor is equipped to help, so it leads to frustration. You may be asking why you can't advance faster - or maybe - why you can't ride as you used to in the past. You can.

We designed this seminar to help you develop a better breathing pattern and feel relaxation when you’re off your horse. The brilliance of this seminar is that you learn in your riding position without the distraction of directing your horse at the same time. Then you can bring the academic and muscle memory to your next ride with a high degree of success. You'll see how we do this when you watch the video trailer.

Horse trainer, Patricia Norcia, has taught breathing exercises at universities, as well as to her riding students. She helps riders improve by showing how to maintain relaxation and diaphragmatic breathing while in motion in the saddle. This seminar allows you to follow along with specific breathing and relaxation exercises to lower and improve your breathing in the first session - you will feel the improvement immediately.

Brenda Vylanek is a horsewoman and meditation expert. She teaches how meditation helps maintain better breathing and relaxation while staying in the moment with your horse. During our in-person clinics, Brenda uses essential oils to enhance the mediation experience. These oils are optional, but if you chose to do this at home, the oils are listed in this text box below.


In this seminar Brenda takes you through a fifteen-minute guided meditation. Like any learning experience, you need a quiet place to view the seminar and be able to meditate. You do not need prior meditation experience, but if you do, Brenda's unique connection to horses will help you get more out of this baseline meditation. She will take you to higher levels of meditation as our seminars continue.

In a second seminar (that will go live in October), tai chi expert, David Ritchie incorporates qi gong exercise with breathing and meditation to connect you to your horse even further. You also learn how visualization helps to apply our aids at the exact moment to move as one with your horse.

Adults at any riding level and every discipline will benefit from this seminar.  We are happy to have you join us on these seminar experiences.

Information on Essential Oils:

Using pure, natural, Essential Oils from sustainably sourced and organically grown plants, while meditating, is a great way to improve your meditation. Breathing them in before you begin helps to set the mood, relax the body, and calm the mind. Smelling essential oils during the meditation, using a diffuser in the room, or  or onto a diffuser necklace, enables you to obtain a deeper meditation, and focus on your breathing. The oils recommended below are often used around horses as well. Begin introducing to your equine friends, simply by wearing them as a "perfume" yourself. Their noses are much more sensitive than ours, and this simple method is usually all you need to do to see results. For more information on safely and effectively using essential oils on you and your horse, reach out to Brenda Vynalek via email at (And of course, always consult your Dr, and Vet before applying oils to you or your horse.)


The essential oils offered at our in person clinics are listed below and a link to order them follows. 

Valor- Is used to balance energies and instill courage and confidence. Great for giving you the courage to let go and try new things.

Peace & Calming- Promotes relaxation and a deep sense of peace and emotional well-being. Calm the nerves and quiet the mind. 

Stress Away- Helps relieve daily stress and tension. Restores equilibrium and promotes relaxation. Let's you leave the work stress behind you.

Tranquil- This blend has been documented as being effective in reducing restlessness and inducing a calming feeling to mind and body. 

T-Away- A special blend made specifically for animals dealing with past trauma. Great for humans too!


To order, use the link below and Brenda will send you free educational material and access to free online classes.


The information above is for educational purposes only and as a guideline for your personal use with your animals. It should not be used as a substitute for medical counseling 

Seminar #2 Breathe Your Way to Better Riding - Part Two.

Coming in October 2023

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