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Griegg/Eastwood Mystery Series

Novels by A Wilson Steele

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The Trap

ISBN #978-0-578-55740-3

Hard cover edition beautifully printed  in USA - $19.95
Free shipping
Zen book two

ISBN #978-0-578-75868-8

Hard cover edition beautifully printed  in USA - $22.95
Free shipping

ISBN #979-8-218-22464-6

6” x 9” softcover edition printed in USA - $15.95 

Free shipping

About the Author

andrea w steele

Andrea Wilson Steele was born in England and also lived in Canada before immigrating to the United States. 


An accountant by profession, she worked as a corporate financial officer in two insurance-related organizations during her business career.


A lifelong equestrian, Andrea teamed with horse trainer Mark Russell to write Lessons in Lightness: The Art of Educating the Horse, published by the Lyons Press in 2004.


Andrea formed Mouse Hole Farm Productions in 2008 to create college-level educational DVDs and online learning experiences for riders and equine caregivers worldwide. The series, which is called Advanced Equine Studies, received prestigious awards at the EQUUS Film Festival in 2015 and 2016. 


Steele then formed Mouse Hole Farm Press in 2019 to launch her Griegg/Eastwood Mystery novels. The first book, The Trap, launched to critical acclaim in 2020. Book two, Zen: The Anatomy of the Perfect Crime, followed in 2021, and the third book, Otobong’s Gift: Family Matters, in 2023. 


All three novels are out as audiobooks from Tantor Media Inc., a subsidiary of Recorded Books in 2023. 

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