Lessons in Lightness


             Building the Horse's foundation in Hand

horse traing

                     A DVD from Mark Russell

                                 2-Disc DVD  $29.95

                               (Runtime 3 hrs 40 min)


       As you have come to expect from Mark, this DVD gives you a thorough educational experience:

              * Discover the nuances of gymnastic exercise for the horse
              * Learn the importance of biomechanical alignment
             * Enhance the horse’s freedom of movement and energy flow
             * Improve body language skills to connect with the horse with lightness











Abigail Nemec, Director of Equine Studies
at Post University in Waterbury, CT, joins
Mark to examine the gymnastic and biomechanical value of each exercise.
Using skeletal and muscular animation,
Abby makes the complex issues of biomechanics easy to understand. She also demonstrates how riders can improve their body language and posture to achieve a high degree of success when incorporating Mark’s exercises into their horse’s training.


Author, trainer, and clinician Mark Russell incorporates the in-hand exercises developed
by the classical masters into his own training program to relax, supple, and strengthen the
horse in educated postures. Mark expands on his book, Lessons in Lightness: The Art of
Educating the Horse, and his DVD, Riding with Chi: Your Pathway to Energy Mastery, by
demonstrating the techniques he uses to teach the horse to respond with lightness to the
aids. His methods are accessible to riders from all disciplines.