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Lessons in Lightness: The Art of Educating the Horse



The book is temporarily out of print but

will be republished in 2019

In Lessons in Lightness, veteran trainer Mark Russell carries the classical knowledge of “riding in lightness” forward. His theories and concepts are drawn from the teachings of the French and Iberian ecuyers, or riding masters, who are credited with being the first to promote the benefits of suppleness and flexion in the horse in order to achieve lightness to the aids.

When the rider enables the horse to use his energy efficiently, the horse will move freely forward- once balanced in self-carriage, there will be no resistance in the rein. By using these methods the rider liberates the horse’s true movement without either driving force (the rider’s legs) or holding restraints (the rider’s hands).

Mark Russell wrote this book about his methods and his program because riding in lightness works for both horse and rider. To understand how the horse thinks and how he creates forward impulsion and propels energy through his body empowers the rider to better educate the horse. An exploration into the horse’s physiological and psychological state is the basis for building that strong bond most riders yearn to achieve. Learning lightness opens the door to the Art of Riding.



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