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Mouse Hole Farm Productions

Mouse Hole Farm in Durham, Connecticut, is the home of Willis and Andrea Steele and home base for Mouse Hole Farm Equine DVD Productions. Our mission is to create artful and in-depth learning experiences for horse owners, equestians, and professionals in the horse industry worldwide.

Our first release, Riding with Chi: Your Pathway to Energy Mastery launched to excellent reviews from an international audience in August 2009.

Our new series of DVDs called Advanced Equine Studies released its first documentary program, The Horse’s Respiratory System. Over time Advanced Equine Studies will document all of the horses "systems" along with other related topics to develop a comprehensive library. Our goal is to become a trusted source of information not only for equestrians and horse caregivers, but deliver programming that will entertain the whole family as well.  

Mouse Hole Farm is proud to have received the "Horse Farm of Environmental Distinction" award from the Connecticut Horse Awareness Program. For information about the H.E.A.P. awards program go to:






Andrea Steele

A life-long amateur rider and dedicated horse owner, Andrea coauthored the critically acclaimed book, Lessons in Lightness: The Art of Educating the Horse (The Lyons Press, 2004) with Tennessee-based trainer Mark Russell. Her belief in the philosophy of “riding in lightness” and in the benefits of tai chi and qi gong exercise for the equestrian inspired the production of Mouse Hole Farm's first DVD, Riding with Chi: Your Pathway to Energy Mastery. Andrea's artistic talent has helped her become a skilled video producer and editor over the past few years. This led the company to initiate the unique Advanced Equine Studies series. Andrea's business career in accounting and finance is a great asset in marketing Mouse Hole Farm as an innovator in equine and equestrian DVD programming.

You can contact Andrea by email at:

Gillian Belnap

Gillian Belnap is an art historian, dressage rider, and professional editor. She uses her expertise in publishing and her academic background to organize and craft the logical flow of content in our programming. As a rider, she has worked with trainer Mark Russell for many years; and in 2004, as an editor for The Lyons Press, she edited and supervised the production of Lessons in Lightness.

For assistance with writing projects or print materials, contact Gillian at:

Carlos Gonzalez

Musician Carlos Gonzalez writes and performs the scores for Mouse Hole Farm's programming. His music exquisitely expresses the relaxed yet powerful connection between horse and rider and provides an inspiring soundtrack for the learning process. In addition to composing the music, Carlos operates his own sound studio and is a skilled videographer and narrator for our programming. He is a retired firefighter in Connecticut.

Carlos may be contacted at:

Willis Steele

An IT professional in his professional career, Willis Steele handles the video equipment and software for the Mouse Hole Farm Equine DVD Productions as well as being our in-house videographer.  His artistic eye gives unique viewing experiences in the Advanced Equine Studies series. Willis is also a pilot and his plane gives Mouse Hole Farm Productions easy access to video sites throughout New England.


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