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Advanced Equine Studies

The Horse’s Respiratory System

             Table of Contents:

   The Horse’s Respiratory System lets you sit in the classroom for lectures:

             ● Respiratory Anatomy              ● Respiratory Functions

             ● Energy Generation                  ● Infectious Respiratory Diseases

             ● Non-infectious Diseases          ● Parasites Affecting the Lungs

   The Horse’s Respiratory System has your seat in the clinic for testing:

             ● The Standing Endoscopy          ● The Treadmill Endoscopy

             ● Lung Function Testing             ● The Bronchoalveolar Lavage

             ● Specimen Processing              ● Specimen Analysis

   The Horse’s Respiratory System takes you into the barn to learn about:

             ● Creating a Healthy Environment for your Horse/in the Barn and Arena

             ● Feeding for Respiratory Health/Feeding Horses with Respiratory Disease

   The Horse’s Respiratory System has a lighter side with “Horse Chat:”

             ● How Breathing Works               ● The Horse’s Ability to Scent

             ● The Cough Reflex                    ● Controlling Ammonia Gas

             ● Breath Holding in Horses          ● Taking the Respiration Rate

             ● The Sounds Horses Make

    The Horse’s Respiratory System also delves into interesting side topics:

            ● Respiratory Locomotor Coupling  ● Collection and Airflow

            ● The Girth and Respiration           ● Mucus Matters

            ● General Q&A Discussions with topics too numerous to list

    The Horse’s Respiratory System offers respiratory related bonuses:

            ● More from John Blackburn: Renovating Existing Structures

            ● Interview with author, trainer and clinician, Mark Russell discussing respiratory issues

            ● Previews from other Mouse Hole Farms Productions books and DVDs.

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