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Advanced Equine Studies:

The Horse’s Respiratory System

The Future Farmers of America


Advanced Equine Studies is so pleased that the Future Farmers of America organization (FFA) approves our DVD The Horse's Respiratory System as an excellent source of educational material for their members. Our DVD is listed for sale on their website and also in their school catalog.

Dressage trainer & equine body worker, Kate Bostrom


"The function - and dysfunction, of the equine respiratory system is not on most people's radar and should be as dysfunction can be so debilitating. There is so much to learn to be a responsible equine owner or trainer that it can seem overwhelming. However, this DVD series offers very accessible yet thorough knowledge about both the horse's anatomy and barn design and management." Copyrighted Review:-

"A groundbreaking DVD that brings advanced equine studies right to you. We review thousands of equestrian DVDs here at and this DVD is without question, one of the best and most informative we've seen. It takes education to a whole other level. While this is the first in the series and focuses on the horse's respiratory system, I cannot wait to see more on myriad of horse health issues that are in the works in this series also. . As the saying goes, "You don't know what you don't know," but after viewing this DVD you will. Advanced Equine Studies provides a superb insight into keeping your horse fit and healthy. It is like going to vet school without the fees or having to figure out how to get in. As a horse owner and serious dressage competitor for over 40 years I thought I had a pretty good handle on all things respiratory in horses. Wrong. There was lots of keen information here. I have owned and competed horses whose outcomes and successes would definitely have been improved if I had this depth of knowledge. If I'd seen it before I had designed my barn there are definite changes I would have made to the plans too. Thanks to Mouse Hole Productions for bringing us this wealth of information. The material is advanced but is highly approachable. And, there is a lot of it. A fantastic resource for every horse owner, vet tech and college vet student. I thank you and so do my horses present and future for giving us access to this advanced level of medical knowledge.", The International Equestrian Shop – The Complete Source for Everything Horse made The Horse’s Respiratory System their Editor’s Pick!

They said:

“A whopping five and a half hours of in depth veterinary knowledge that all horse owners should know. Advanced Equine Studies brings the world of veterinary knowledge home to you with a classroom style first DVD that introduces you to the horse's respiratory system. The DVDs also include walking tours of barn designs, an inside look at a major horse hospital/clinic and how evaluations, diagnostics and treatments are executed.

A superb reference set of 3 discs that engage and educate.”


 Becky James MSc from HAYGAIN hay steamers.


“The Horses Respiratory System Advanced Equine Studies DVD was very informative. The detail was there but presented in a simple, easy to understand and friendly manner with sound practical advice of how to identify and manage respiratory problems in horses. I hope lots of people will take the time to sit down and watch the DVDs because they will learn a lot if they do. All existing and new HAYGAIN staff will be watching the DVD from now on!”


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