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Advanced Equine Studies empowers everyone to be a better horse person by making college-level education available and affordable to anyone, anywhere, anytime.

While our DVDs are used in schools with equine degree programs and youth organizations, we carefully craft each program to be accessible to all riders and equine caregivers of any age and with any level of experience. Riders as young as 13 years of age will enjoy and learn from each topic.

Our mission is to advance the welfare of the horse by make learning about complex health and training issues both fun to watch and easy to understand.


Over the coming years we plan to release programs on all the horse’s bodily systems as well as topics of interest to all riders.

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“The high caliber of information [in Advanced Equine Studies: The Horse’s Respiratory System,] coupled with the use of diagnostic tools and cameras, actually gives the viewer a window into the horse’s respiratory system.  The information is technical, yet understandable.  Excellent job!”

            -Laurie Chapman-Bosco

            Professor and Chair of Applied Animal Science

            University of New Hampshire  Thompson School of Applied Science

The Horses Respiratory System Advanced Equine Studies DVD was very informative. The detail was there but presented in a simple, easy to understand and friendly manner with sound practical advice of how to identify and manage respiratory problems in horses. I hope lots of people will take the time to sit down and watch the DVDs because they will learn a lot if they do. All existing and new HAYGAIN staff will be watching the DVD from now on!”  

         -Becky James MSc from HAYGAIN hay steamers.

"We were able to make the DVD presented by Advanced Equine Studies the centerpiece of an

educational dinner event we offered to our clients. We found it to be very informative and

a useful tool for stable managers and horse owners alike! "

         - Beacon Woods Stable, South Glastonbury , CT.

"The function - and dysfunction, of the equine respiratory system is not on most people's radar and should be as dysfunction can be so debilitating. There is so much to learn to be a responsible equine owner or trainer that it can seem overwhelming. However, this DVD series offers very accessible yet thorough knowledge about both the horse's anatomy and barn design and management"

         - Dressage trainer & equine body worker, Kate Bostrom

"This video series is riveting."

        -  Article from the Horse Journal,By Beth Hyman

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“You do such smooth, smart work - it's like PBS for horse owners.”