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Griegg/Eastwood Mystery Series

Novels by A Wilson Steele

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The Trap

American Alana Eastwood’s grandfather, and her only living relative, has taken ill at his home in Germany. Alana travels to be by his side, and while staying at his country cottage, she finds an unopened letter, postmarked 1945, that thrusts her into one of the most notable unsolved mysteries from postwar Germany.

When people turn up dead, the local police are ill equipped to grasp the entire chain of events that the mysterious letter has put into play. It takes investigators Sigmund and Andrew Griegg to connect the police enquiry to neo-Nazis, Mossad, and a secret

hidden in “the trap” for so many years…but it’s the American who holds the link that breaks the chain and solves the mystery.

The Griegg/Eastwood Mysteries take off with book one The Trap. The series brings history alive, balancing conflict, suspense, and climax through the eyes of an intriguing cast of characters.

Advance Praise for The Trap

“Steele excels in exploring logical progressions of power, political purpose, and individual dilemma, arriving at intersections where all three facets coalesce in surprising ways….Historical fiction tempered with mystery doesn’t get much better than this!”

——D. Donovan, Senior Reviewer, Midwest Book Review

ISBN #978-0-578-55740-3

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Zen book two

Swiss equestrian, William “Zen” Griegg, skyrockets to the top of the European show jumping circuit. As he sets his sights on the 2000 Olympic Games, his beloved horse, Tiger, goes missing en route to a competition in the United States.

Zen’s father, Sigmund Griegg, again teams with American Alana Eastwood to solve an international mystery that leads them from a secret tunnel in the Owl Mountains of Poland, through the art galleries of Zürich, to the Hamilton Farm Equestrian Center in Gladstone, New Jersey.

Griegg and Eastwood uncover an ingenious plot to pull off the perfect crime. The ransom demand for the safe return of Tiger is lost treasure from World War II that only a handful of people know to exist.

As the clock ticks to reunite Zen with Tiger in time to compete in the Olympic trials, Griegg and Eastwood use the origins of social media to unnerve the abductors and unravel their complex crime.


The story's fiery climax leaves readers to reflect that, we all done at the banquet table of past actions where karma dishes out our last meal.

Advanced Praise for Zen

“Zen takes the reader on a perfect 20-meter circle of international equestrian intrigue…saddle up for a ride through worlds dangerous and delightful in Zen…” —L.A. Sokolowski, The Original Equinista™

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“A full-bodied read that is delightfully mercurial and intriguing. It’s an excellent probe into the world of art smuggling that adds just enough history to be thoroughly absorbing without requiring any background in the art world. Likewise, no knowledge of horses is needed to appreciate the exciting world of international show jumping—the plot is grounded in an absorbing mystery that will captivate a broad audience.”

—Diane Donovan, Donovan Literary Services, Midwest Book Review

ISBN #978-0-578-75868-8

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About the Author

andrea w steele
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A lifelong equestrian, she teamed with horse trainer Mark Russell to write Lessons in Lightness: The Art of Educating the Horse, published by the Lyons Press in 2004.

Andrea Wilson Steele was born in England and also lived in Canada as a child before her family immigrated to the United States. An accountant by profession, she was an corporate officer in two insurance-related businesses during her corporate career.

In 2008, Andrea formed a video production company, Mouse Hole Farm Productions, to create college-level

DVDs and online learning experiences for equestrians and equine caregivers worldwide.
Her programs, called Advanced Equine Studies, received the prestigious Best Educational Program award

at New York City’s EQUUS Film Festival in 2015 and 2016.

In 2019 Mouse Hole Farm Press was founded. Her first novel in the Griegg/Eastwood Mysteries, The Trap, launched to critical acclaim in 2020. The series continues with book two, Zen. Watch for book three, Otobang’s Gift, in the future.

Andrea lives on a horse farm in rural Connecticut with her husband, horses, and dogs.

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