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This program delves into every aspect of respiratory health for equine professionals to stay abreast of the current knowledge base and best practices.


Advanced Equine Studies is 5 ½ hours of continuing education programming for you to be the go-to expert for your students. This 3- Disc set takes you into to the Cummings School of Veterinary Medicine at Tufts University to follow a horse through lung function testing. Tufts professor Dr. Melissa Mazan takes you into the clinic for current practices of how respiratory disease is diagnosed and treated and into the classroom to understand respiratory anatomy, lung function, energy creation, and common infectious and non-infectious diseases.

You also hear John Blackburn, of Blackburn Architects, author and leading designer of equine facilities, talk about how he promotes respiratory health in his barn and arena designs, including changes that can make your barn a healthier environment. Nutrition expert Karen Briggs helps you develop a feeding program for optimal respiratory health—and what to feed if your horse has a respiratory condition.

Abigail Nemec, Director of Equine Studies at Post University, presents informative “horse chats” that explain how to turn respiratory health into better performance in the saddle.

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